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Mineral resources in Gansu Province

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  (a) of mineral resources
  By the end of 2010, the province has been found in all types of 179 kinds of minerals (including sub minerals, the same below), which have been identified 111 kinds of mineral resources reserves, accounting for the province have found 62% unidentified minerals, the reserves of 68 species, the province accounted for 38% have been found in minerals. Included in the "Gansu province mineral reserves table" solid 95 kinds of minerals, mineral and 1184 (including associated minerals, the same below), in which the solid fuel ore origin 234, ferrous metal ore origin 119, non-ferrous metal ore origin 253 and origin of precious metal ore 273, rare earth and rare dispersed element mineralization areas 34 non metallic mineral, chemical raw material producing 75, metallurgical auxiliary materials non-metallic mineral origin 42, building materials and other non-metallic mineral origin 154; exploration degree and exploration stage 259, stage 291, detailed reconnaissance stage 634.
  According to the "2010 national main mineral resource report" statistics, in the identified mineral resources reserves, our province, ranking first in the country are 12 kinds of minerals, in 5 of the 29 species, the top 10 there are 58 kinds of.

By the end of 2010, included in the "92 kinds of solid mineral reserves of mineral resources in Gansu Province in the table", compared with 2009, has changed 49 mineral resources reserves, which reserves had increased 23, reduction of 26.

  (two) the exploration of mineral resources
  In 2011, the province to carry out mineral exploration projects 389, investment of geological prospecting investment 2151488600 yuan, including 101629000 yuan from the central government, the local financial input 663041500 yuan, 1386818100 yuan of social capital investment. Mineral species is mainly coal, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, lead, tungsten, molybdenum, gold; wherein, energy mineral exploration project 36, black metal exploration 41, 89 non-ferrous metals, precious metals, rare minerals 187 6, chemical building materials of mineral 26, water 4. Throughout the year completed a total of 1014996 meters 539311 cubic meters of drilling, trenching, pit 54117 meters, 632 meters of Asakai. New coal reserves of 25.59 tons, 691600 tons of zinc, 31 tons of gold, 1.12 tons of iron ore.
  In 2011 the province has made the following important results in geological exploration:
  Survey of Southern coalfield coal resources in Gansu Province, Chongxin County of Chicheng. Through the exploration work in 2011, the new volume of 2.8 tons of coal resources in coal.
  Gansu province Lingtai County alone store exploration area coal census. Through the exploration work in 2011, the new volume of 17.3826 tons of coal resources in coal.
  Gansu province Subei County census delenuoer iron ore. Total iron ore resources to obtain the volume of 140722000 tons, the average grade of TFe26.26%.
  Cooperation city in Gansu Province as early as Zi Gou Gold Mine survey. Exploration work as early as 2011 Zi Gou Gold Deposit in deep prospecting mainly, the preliminary estimate of new gold resources amounted to 15 tons, has achieved significant progress in prospecting of mining area. Zao Zi Gou Gold deposit zone has accumulatively submitting gold reserves reached 68 tons, is the West Qinling Mountains area after the flood, Yangshan, Zhai and a large type gold deposit.
  Evaluation of potential mineral resources of Gansu province. Since the evaluation of potential mineral resources of Gansu province since 2007, officially launched the first in the province, iron, aluminum, copper and nickel, lead and zinc, gold, tungsten, antimony, phosphorus, potassium, rare earth minerals (Group 12) were resources potential evaluation. In 2009 December the province of iron, aluminum mineral resource potential evaluation of 2 minerals, submitted in January 2010 in Gansu province iron, bauxite resources potential evaluation result report. In 2011 April submitted a copper nickel, lead and zinc, gold, tungsten, antimony, rare earth minerals, potassium, phosphorus 12 (Group) mineral resources potential evaluation result report, and by the national project office approval. Prediction results are: iron ore delineated minimal prediction area 148, bauxite and circle the minimum prediction area 5, iron copper nickel mine circle the minimum prediction area 119, gold circle the minimum prediction area 247, tungsten ore delineation of the minimal prediction area 33, the delineation of lead-zinc minimum prediction area 40, antimony ore delineation of minimum prediction area 23 phosphate ore delineation, minimum prediction area 33, potash ore delineation of the minimal prediction area 27, circle the rare earth ore minimum prediction area 5. 10 copies of the single minerals (Group) completed the potential evaluation results report, iron, nickel, copper, gold, lead and zinc potassium 5 report land department approval for the outstanding achievement report for good, other minerals.
  In 2011 our province launched a new chromium, manganese, tin, molybdenum, silver, sulfur, boron, magnesite, barite, fluorite mineral resource potential assessment work, the end of the year has completed 10 minerals mineral prediction.
Investigation on the current situation of the use of reserves of mineral resources in Gansu province. The project carried out from 2007 since, as of 2011 December, the reserves of mineral resources in Gansu province using status investigation project is the implementation of the project funds 38510000 yuan, of which the central finance, local finance assume responsibility 15110000 yuan 23400000 yuan.

Our province to carry out the coal, iron, manganese, chromium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, tungsten, tin, molybdenum, antimony, gold, silver, magnesite, pyrite, phosphorus, potassium, barite, fluorite utilization status of 20 mineral reserves, in the national acceptance of the past year, I province to participate in the 20 minerals tungsten, antimony, copper, zinc, gold, nickel, manganese, coal, magnesite, pyrite, barite, fluorite review approval results is excellent, phosphorus results for the good +, iron, lead, molybdenum, silver, chromium, tin, potassium results for good. The national project office has approval 20 minerals to form a single mining area 463 reports, verification of mining report 17, the database results 500; single mineral summary report in 20 copies, 20 databases, all kinds of charts 5893, project is now in the summary report compilation and two base stage.

  (three) the development and utilization of mineral resources
  According to the 2010 annual non oil gas mineral resources development and utilization situation of the statistical results, mine number, number of employees, annual production capacity of ore quantity, gross industrial output value accounted for the proportion of the national total indexes such as shown in the table below:
  In 2010 the province's total of all types (except oil and gas) certified mine 3290. According to the
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