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Cooperation with ASEAN in urgent need of Chinese mining investment information service

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  -- cooperation with ASEAN comprehensive mining China initially presenting new pattern of interaction
  With the completion of Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Area, convenient conditions under the framework of the cooperation China FTA and ASEAN enterprises increasingly urgent desire, and that in the mining areas of cooperation is especially obvious, currently has initially formed a new pattern of comprehensive interaction.
  Ministry officials said, Chinese mining authorities and mining departments of ASEAN countries have maintained good relations of bilateral cooperation, personnel to carry out frequent exchanges of visits, including the adjacent area of major metallogenic belt series field map, comparative study of the metallogenic regularity of multiple geological mineral cooperative research project. In multilateral areas, China has actively participated in the "10+3" framework and ASEAN cooperation in the field of Geology and mineral resources. Since 2007, actively participate in the "10+3 mining officials consultations", and actively create conditions, to carry out training and study for the ASEAN countries of Geology and mineral resources management and technical personnel, to share the successful experience, enhance mutual understanding and trust.
  The bilateral trade volume of mineral products is also considerable. 2009 imports from ASEAN minerals Chinese a total of $15490000000, accounting for Chinese when mineral products 7.89% of total imports, the main varieties of imports for coal, nickel, aluminum ore, oil, iron ore, manganese ore.
  The cooperation between enterprises has become more pragmatic. In recent years, Chinese mining enterprises to carry out investment cooperation on a series of ASEAN countries, the successful implementation of a number of mining exploration and development projects. According to chamber of Commerce vice president Liu Yinan introduction, minerals and chemicals import and export China since 2009, China to ASEAN countries mining investment projects accounted for about 1/4 of the total number of investment projects, there are 67 enterprises of mining investment in the ASEAN 8 countries, investment of minerals for iron ore, copper gold, nickel, chromium and potassium, which Indonesia to 29 first investment project.
  China Non-Ferrous Metal Mining Co deputy general manager Yan Diyong said, due to the rapid development Chinese with ASEAN countries in their economic and trade exchanges each other, Chinese nonferrous group and Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and other 8 ASEAN countries to develop economic and trade exchanges good. Nonferrous metal resource China nonferrous group construction in Thailand investment recycling project -- Thailand lead antimony alloy factory is Thailand's largest lead production enterprise, its products accounted for more than 30% market share in Thailand; is the construction of the Burma Tagaung Taung nickel projects with a total investment of $822000000, is the largest cooperation project between China and Burma mining area, was listed as key government investment projects China overseas resource development; is investment in the development of Laos Pakson bauxite project progress is good; the company contracted Vietnam Shengquan copper smelter and dragon over Vietnam does not produce copper history.
  Aluminum Copperbelt Minerals Limited general manager Wang Dongsheng said, before 2010, Chinalco and some ASEAN countries government and enterprises for the mining areas of cooperation, the company has created a new situation in the aluminum ASEAN cooperation in Laos and Indonesia cooperative development projects.
  The local of Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group Limited company chairman Li Yangtong to introduce, Guangxi Nonferrous Metals Group after the establishment of Guangxi, the use of in Chinese ASEAN cooperation forefront advantage, steady step the pace of "going out", to strengthen the cooperation with the ASEAN countries, Kampuchea mining, Laos, Vietnam, there have been several projects on the to push or negotiations.
  -- are highly complementary, "free trade era mining broad cooperation prospect"
  The respondents Chinese and ASEAN mining industry source said, Chinese and ASEAN countries in the field of mining has extremely strong complementary sex, built in China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the background, the two sides mining cooperation will be fully "speed", a broad prospect.
  Wang Dongsheng thinks, in Chinese ASEAN Free Trade Area, China enterprises with strong technical ability and investment in exploration, smelting, engineering construction, "these advantages provides possibility to Chinese and ASEAN in broad areas of cooperation in mineral resources."
  ASEAN has rich mineral resources, but due to the limited funds, technology and experience, the development and utilization of low level, a lot of resources in the "idle state". Philippines's Deputy Minister of the Ministry of environment and natural resources Jay Mills Dolino introduced, Philippines has mineral resources of gold, copper, nickel, iron and manganese rich, about 30000000 hectares of land 9000000 hectares of land rich in mineral resources potential, but only 1.4% are exploration, mining.
Had to Laos conducted in-depth investigation China academician, Academy of Sciences China University of Geosciences professor Zhao Pengda said, ASEAN countries are rich in mineral resources, but the overall exploration degree is not high. In order to Laos as an example, the main mineral resources are iron, zinc, copper, gold, coal, in addition to Chinese and Australia develop two gold, copper, other almost have not been exploration and development.
  A lot of ASEAN have also said, China in mining field of the utilization of high level, hoping to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese enterprises, to achieve a win-win situation. Thailand industrial department deputy director of primary industry and Mineral Bureau Sane Ni Yuu Tai said, Thailand current mining is mainly shallow mining, and Chinese have developed deep mining technology more advanced, the two sides can strengthen technology, investment, trade cooperation.

Chinese ASEAN free trade area is built, and the consequent in bilateral trade and investment in areas such as a series of facilitation measures, make such cooperation is possible. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region vice president Chen Wu said, the liberalization of trade and investment facilitation FTA brings not only can greatly reduce both mineral, energy and other areas of cooperation cost, but also reduce

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