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Australian farm investment prospects good

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 China since this year "overseas property" very hot, many farms in Australia has also become the focus of the acquisition target. China population explosion, there may be a shortage of food in future, so the market demand continues to rise, in addition Chinese per capita income increased, gradually grow up middle classes also hopes to get better products. Therefore, Australia is rich and the quality of agricultural products is favored, expected future prospects are quite good.
  Chinese enterprise to Australia to buy the farm land is not new, according to media reports, the earlier one unnamed Chinese accompanied by many enterprises in the Australian real estate brokers, on the southwest Australian farmland investigation, and will in the next few months to return to Australia, completed the acquisition of a plurality of farm trade, the estimated total in 30000000 yuan capital. In April this year, Australia's largest farm Cubbie sold the fate, but McGrathNicol executives representing farm to China find buyers, a market capitalization of about $600000000 more than the entire project. Some analysts said the move is likely to ease the financial pressure on local government.
  The expert thinks, China enterprises land acquisition, one for the export of agricultural products, two may also be spotted land mineral. But more and more agricultural assets are Chinese buyer, the Australian native concerns followed, they worry that foreign flooding may lead to problems in Australia and China government produced "sovereignty conflict" and even diplomatic tension. The Australian National Farmers' Union fears, a trend that could pose a threat to native Australian food security, farm food will have carried out corresponding to the exports of the country, and the influence of Australian farmers living space. The Australian government is calling for a review of foreign investment, to protect Australia's own food security.
  Australian assistant Treasury Secretary Xue Dayton (Bill Shorten) stressed in an interview with the media, for foreigners to buy Australian agricultural land anxiety is understandable, but in order not to the outside world to not welcome foreign investment impression, the psychology is the need to avoid the. Australian Trade Minister Emma letter (Craig Emerson) at the beginning of this year 8 also said, welcome China enterprises to invest in Australian agriculture, negative views the people of Australia on Chinese enterprises to buy Australian farm practices, but in fact Chinese current overall scale investment in Australian agriculture is very small, and only accounted for in the Australian foreign investment is very small part. In Australian history of nearly two hundred years, the land is often foreign investors to buy and transfer.
  Farm investment risk return high profits
  According to the provisions of the laws of Australia, non resident foreigners cannot buy second-hand property, can only be a new property. The new development of the farms in Australia, now basically can not find. So, when the investment the farm, unable to farm buildings or other property as the subject of the transaction, is difficult to pass through the foreign investment review board (FIRB) approval. The usual trade mode is, in business, such as cultivation of Cereals, dairy farming, as the sale of the subject; and such buildings as workers must residence incidental to join.
  At present, the Australian Chinese aspects of farm investment, mostly by the company act, especially in some countries the government backed companies, many times because of business are of great value to their company's own industrial chain.
There are few personal investment farm, mainly because of the risk of large, the amount of high, especially some large farms, it is difficult to have the strength to buy, but the return of profits is very high. Of course, there are also some small value of 70-80 million Australian dollars of small farms, but also facing the problem of business, if you don't know the business, it is difficult to guarantee profits. But recently the Australian dollar has been devalued, agricultural exports may suffer a hit.
The rising Australian agriculture future prospects optimistic about demand in developing countries
  The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) said recently, the Australian agricultural medium-term outlook is optimistic. Coupled with the recent APEC summit urged the "Asia Pacific free trade plan", this will also be so that the Australian agricultural exports for the benefit. Therefore, foreign investment in Australia farm prospects are quite bright.
  The reserve bank governor Philip Lowe said the assistant, high prices and production in the next ten years will bring in huge returns for the Australian agriculture. According to the statistics of ABS, because of abundant rainfall, the last fiscal year GDP rose about 10% agricultural. The higher prices and increased production is the agricultural sector in the past year the total income increases greatly.
  Lowe says, comparing the agricultural income in the next two years over the past twenty years the average level is expected to increase nearly doubled. Demand income is mainly thanks to agriculture in developing countries increasing, because with the increase of income, the consumption of food and energy demand in developing synchronous increase.
  Lowe in Melbourne Australia agriculture Roundtable (Australian Agriculture Roundtable Conference) said: "the development of agriculture is the same forces by the urge of the mining boom driven, that is to say, steady development of Asian economy and millions of Asians rising incomes."
  From emerging economies, especially in Asia demand and output have been shown to change over the past few decades the situation. It is worth noting, global output growth of 3/4 will mainly come from emerging markets and developing countries.    This is a significant change, in the past, most of the growth in global output are created by the developed economies.
  Chinese buy Australian farm controversial federal government encourage investment in agriculture

  According to a mining industry to adopt new foreign investment mode, Australia may encourage China Company in Australian agriculture

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