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Perturbed Australian farm investment tide

Release time:2014-12-11 16:14:20  page view:1057
  Australian assistant Treasury Secretary Bill's August 22nd in the "Australian newspaper" interview with emphasis, for foreigners to buy agricultural land in Australia's anxiety is understandable, but in order not to the outside world to not welcome foreign investment impression, the psychology is the need to avoid the.
  The Australian Trade Minister Craig Emerson in early 8 was in the news conference said, welcome China enterprises to invest in Australian agriculture, negative views the people of Australia on Chinese enterprises to buy Australian farm practices, but in fact Chinese present on the Australian agricultural investment overall scale is small, and only accounted for in the Australian Foreign Investment is very small part. In Australian history of nearly two hundred years, the land is often foreign investors to buy and transfer.
  Chinese enterprises to Australia to buy the farm land is nothing new, according to the "Singapore" Lianhe Zaobao news earlier this month, a has not yet announced the name China Company investors in many real estate brokers accompanied, on the southwest Australian farmland to inspect, and will in the next few months to return to Australia, completed the acquisition of multi a farm trade, estimate the total capital of RMB 30000000 yuan.
In April of this year, Australia's largest farm Cubbie sold the fate, but McGrathNicol executives representing farm to China to find buyers, the whole project is worth about 4000000000 yuan. Some analysts said the move is likely to ease the financial pressure on local government.
  More and more agricultural assets bought by foreigners, native Australian concerns the attendant. The Australian National Party MP Barnaby Joyce said, foreign capital flooding may lead to problems in Australia and China and other foreign governments produce "sovereignty conflict" and even diplomatic tension. While Australia NFU is worrying, a trend that could pose a threat to native Australian food security, farm food will have carried out corresponding to the exports of the country, and the influence of Australian farmers living space,
  In Australia the viewpoint thinks, Chinese enterprise acquisition of land, one for the export of agricultural products, two may also be spotted land mineral.
  "The Australian" news that the Australian Greens leader Bob Bob Brown has been in the appeal, the Australian government to review foreign investment, in order to protect their own food security in australia.
  Expert viewpoint
  The farm is not the investment mainstream enclosure
  Liu Lei (Victor Lau)
  Australian Chinese, Australian real estate licensees, Chinese Bureau of foreign experts and distinguished experts, Ao Feng Real Estate chief investment officer.
  According to the provisions of the laws of Australia, non resident foreigners cannot buy second-hand property, can only be a new property. The new development of the farm, now in Australia is basically not to be found. So, when we invest in farm, unable to farm buildings or other property as the subject of the transaction, the Bureau of foreign trial, known as the FIRB, is not to grant the. The usual trade mode is, in business, such as cultivation of Cereals, dairy farming, as the sale of the subject. Housing as collateral to join the workers must be home.
  At present, the Australian Chinese aspects of farm investment, mostly by the company act, especially in some countries the government backed companies, many times because of the farm business, are of great value to their company's own industrial chain.
  There are few personal investment in the farm, mainly because of the risk is big, the amount of high, especially some large farms, it is difficult to have the strength to buy. Of course, there are also some small farms, 70-80 million Australian dollars, but also facing the problem of business, if you don't know the business, it is difficult to guarantee profits. In recent years, the Australian dollar has been devalued, agricultural export comparative hit.
  Now the domestic speculation to buy farm thing, in my opinion, there are relations and Chinese inherent in the concept of land, like the enclosure movement, preempt block. In my opinion, the mainstream of this type are not Chinese Australian real estate investment. Mainstream or villas and apartments. Now gradually on the rise and development of project, to small and medium projects, like Wantong, they established a new special department, to do this thing.
  With my experience and observation, Chinese investment is very easy to fall into a few errors in Australia, such as the lack of understanding of local policies and economic environment; for instance, the mentality, the Australian local people to buy a house is "buy and hold", and Chinese often think of "buying and selling". So, the differences on the concept should also pay attention to investment.
Cherry: a farmer annual income of $100000
  Stella Creek
  A typical Australian farm, located in the south of Australia's Adderley de mountains, is famous for its planting cherry. Alan Mayne and his wife and their daughter, Melinda Mayne is the owner of the farm. Melinda accepted the "Eastern estate" interview.
East estate: many Australian farm has a very long history, Stella Creek in the same way?

  Melinda: Yes, our farm estimated to have 100 years of history. The main house was renovated built in the last century 50's, the villa was built in 1972. This mountain was first opened by gold prospectors in 1854. Development of the whole process is very slow, reclamation of the farmers live in a humble small iron house, in order to supplement the family, often had to interrupt, to do some sort of temporary work road. Land cleared after, they began to grow fruits and vegetables, and buy and sell. Our house should be

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