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China Company into the Australian investment farm

Release time:2014-12-11 15:16:03  page view:906

 Australia Queensland liberal senator, northern and remote areas of the Alliance Party Parliamentary Secretary Macdonald said in July, if the union party in the general election, will take the northern Australia build as Asia's big granary, meet Asia 3000000000 middle-class population demand for food. However, recently, the northern Australia make for Asia granary plans to be a relevant Chinese cautious about investment in Australian agriculture department reports poured a pot of cold water.
  Hugo from "the Australian daily" report in January 9th noted: a survey report from the University of Sydney a KPMG / found, Chinese may come from the private enterprise in the Australian Department of agriculture investment more, and are mainly due to seek better quality food demand driven, rather than being in need of food security.
  The report says, "China investment has greatly promoted the Australian relative prosperity, because not only is the customer China Australia's largest agricultural products trade (annual trade volume of 6600000000 yuan), in the past six years to the Australian investment about 50000000000 yuan". But the report also pointed out, the China Company only seems to have less than 1% of the Australian agricultural land, and foreign investors with a total of about 11%.
  It is reported, Chinese investment on the farm last year accounted for only less than 3% of the total investment Chinese, which also includes China national grain and oil food company acquired Tully Sugar for $146000000.
  By KPMG Australia Chinese enterprise behavior department head Ferguson (Doug Ferguson) and China enterprises and the management of Sydney University professor Hendry Sheik (Hans Hendrischke) pointed out that the survey, "in the agricultural sector to foreign investment and agricultural products the quality of enterprises, and become the possibility of Australia Asia granary, there has been a heated debate". "This topic has been divided. For many people, business, foreign investment is positive, is to ensure that the key to the long-term health of the agricultural sector, "they said," however, for agriculture, the government and the majority of the masses, and this is also a very complex and challenging issues. The result is a very cautious, China enterprises in cooperation with the Australian agricultural enterprises, even if the investment will make both sides benefit."
  They also point out that, China investors motivation comes mainly from of higher quality, more professional food demand, not as some critics had feared, to tie the dead commodity supply. Ferguson said, in the target market of Australian food on the rapid development of Westernization, consumption habits and eating habits, by 2022 there will be 630000000 people in Western food consumption. Consumers have a choice, and they are very concerned about food safety. "Processed food they prefer foreign production and imports."
  But the mango and Pumpkin Growers Makse Srhoj said, let the remote northern regions become the granary is still a long way to go. "This is just the politicians dream. If they really want to increase food production in the north, so there are a lot of land can be used to produce food, but unless we can reduce the production cost, otherwise we will never be food export to asia. According to reports, rising costs including water, electricity, fertilizer, wages, freight, packaging costs, and time-consuming government supervision procedure.
  Hugo network to realize: Australia is the world's one of the few have a tropical rain forest area, at the same time in search of how to produce more high-quality food to meet the demand, but also to teach one of the neighboring countries. According to estimates, to 2030, the Asian middle of Australia provides high quality food demand will increase by 600%. There will be 3300000000 Asian middle population that enjoy a high quality, clean, green food, this to plant crops of northern Australia offers great opportunities. Because the Asian middle groups continue to grow, grow with each passing day demand for food, the coming decades will be the era of grain production prosperity.

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